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Individual & Family Intervention

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We offer ongoing Individualised Therapeutic Intervention as recommended by an assessment or team. All our intervention has two primary functions: empowerment (through an educational and experiential lens) and connection (through relationship, self and environment).

Focus is on learning brain states and what behaviour looks, feels and sounds like in these different regions AND how we change these through the simple process of:




Intervention uses both physiological and psychological approaches to seeing brain states changed with focus on patterned, rhythmical repetitive activities, communication, scripts, processing emotion and changing thoughts

About Us

Karina Schreurs has been working in a range of therapeutic roles over the past 20 years. She has a degree in Occupational Therapy, Post-graduate study in Cognition and Sensory Processing, an Individual Certification in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics and a Certificate in Applied Neuroscience. A life-long learner she is currently working toward her Masters in Neuroscience through Kings College in London.

Karina is passionate about how the brain works, how genetics and experiences shape it and practical strategies for young people to experience success relationally and in their learning.


Aro Training has been instrumental in Open Home Foundation’s journey towards becoming trauma informed in a generous and inspirational way. Karina is an excellent trainer who has a wonderful way of simplifying complicated concepts and ensuring that the meaning is grasped and outworked effectively.” Deidré Nel: National Trauma Director Open Home Foundation.

After working with you I loved how I could finally understand Steve by understanding what his brain was doing. To this day this assessment is the most relevant and specific we have experienced.” Janine, Parent, Christchurch.

“Karina provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in the helping profession and brings depth of relationship in the learning experience.” Jenna, Social Worker, Invercargill.

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We offer a comprehensive Functional Neuro-Behavioural Assessment (FNBA) from ages 2-20 years. This assessment outlines the body and brain responses and gives practical recommendations and training for the team around the child/young person.

This assessment breaks the brain into 4 regions and considers different physiological, regulatory, emotional and cortical function. It includes observations in two different environments (preferrably home and school) as well as a hands-on assessment component completed at either our office, school or home.

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Therapeutic Programmes

The rhythms of relationship. Learning to step toward and away. Using separation to process communication and stay true to ourselves. Processing emotion and experience in such a way to keep connection through reflection, attention and communication.

The interconnection of body and mind. This programme uses the body as a tool to create mental calmness and balance. Additionally this programme honours the body as the vehicle in which we discover and explore and how we reach the world around us.

Learning the Brain States, what dysregulates us and how we can regulate are vital skills for success at school and life. This programme runs for 10 sessions and includes the stress, reward system, the social world, and thought and emotion regulation.

The stress and reward system of the brain determine much of our behaviour. This programme explains the brain in a practical way using brain states and how to navigate these. Brain regions will be covered and how to build strong healthy brain networks.

The power of story and how it can be used to process and recall experiences. Using key aspects of life story and narrative therapy this programme helps us understand what makes us who we are. Check in tools help us increase our self awareness and practice reflection.

Success shapes the brain. It forms the basis of strengths, abilities and identities. Learning the cognitive process of visualisation, organisation and reflection, this programme focusses on being present, the process of learning and how regardless of the outcome we remain successful.

School Consultation

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More and more schools are having to navigate education for children who have experienced adverse experiences. We work with Senior Leadership Teams and Syndicates to look at how the school day can be trauma informed. This includes the daily structure, sensory opportunities and language that calm the stress response. We have done this in both Primary and Secondary Education Settings and bring many practical evidenced-based ideas to these consultations. The goal is always engagement for students in their learning with core pillars being empowerment and connection.

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With years of trauma-informed training experience between us, Aro Training has partnered with Growing Children and created Trauma Responsive Education Aotearoa (TREA).

We offer foundation trainings in Early Life Trauma, Regulation, De-escalation, Self-care, Sensory Processing, and Attachment.

All in-person and online trainings can be found here

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